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Blessing of the House at Epiphany

Chalk was blessed at the Epiphany mass so that we could mark our houses with a blessing for the coming year. Suitable prayers are available from a variety of sources. These are from The Twelve Days of Christmas by Elsa Chaney. Peace be to this house, and to all who dwell herein. From the east […]

Images of the Spirit 3: Guided meditation for Children.

This image of the Holy Spirit is inspired by a reflection by Catholic Philospher, Peter Kreeft. He is also a surfer so the link between the Sea and God is a natural one for him, and maybe also for us who also live by it. Close you eyes. You are on a beach. What sort […]

Images of the Spirit 2: Guided meditation for children.

Here is the second guided mediation to use with children on the Holy Spirit, inspiration taken this time from St Basil the Great: Close your eyes. You are standing in a dark place. There is no light to see by. What does it feel like to be in the dark? As you stand there someone […]

Images of the Spirit 1: Guided meditation for Children.

Last week, in the run up to Pentecost, I was struck by some of the images used in the readings from the Saints in the Office. I have turned some of them into guided meditations to use with children. Images can be useful as they can go beyond words. Sometimes, in the Spiritual life our […]

Story Time for Pentecost.

Again, this week we had a story in which the children use their imagination to think about a Bible story. This week they were in the Upper Room with Mary and the disciples: Close your eyes. The disciples had been up studying the scriptures all night. As dawn came they began praying together. Picture the […]

Imaginative Prayer with Children

Thinking about the story time on Sunday made me think again about the importance of story for children’s spiritual development. Many fiction stories, fairy tales and myths provide abundant material for developing children’s spiritual awareness. As a Church we also have Scripture which, of course, is one of the most important sources we have for […]