Celebrating with the Angels.
Tuesday 29 September 2015 Articles

Today is the Feast of St Micheal, St Gabriel and St Raphael. When we were in the Anglican Church, of course we knew today as St Micheal and All Angels. The catechism reminds us that angels are

“purely spiritual creatures, incorporeal, invisible and immortal and are personal beings endowed with intelligence and will. They ceaselessly contemplate God face-to-face and they glorify him. They serve him and are messengers the accomplishment of his saving mission to all.” (para 60. Compendium of the CCC)

The church joins with them in the adoration of God. If you would like a more in-depth reflection, you might try Peter Kraft’s talk on Thomas Aquinas’ teaching on these heavenly beings.

Michealmas was always a very important feast and, being close to the harvest had plenty of food related traditions. We have enjoyed a bit of research into some of them. The “Carrots for Michealmas” blog was our starting point. This evening, St Micheal’s carrots and St Micheal’s Bannock will be making an appearance. Following on behind will be some Michealmas blackberry dumplings.

“All the angels sing your praise,
the hosts of heaven and all the angelic powers,

all the cherubim and seraphim
call out to you in unending song:

Holy, Holy, Holy,
is the Lord God of angel hosts!

The heavens and the earth are filled
with your majesty and glory”

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