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St Peter preaching in the presence of St Mark

Always be prepared to give an account for the hope that is in you

The inability for us to live out the sacramental life as a Catholic is a real trial but also an opportunity to bear witness to the Lord. In this mini-martyrdom, are we ready to act and speak in a way that gives a reason for the hope that is in us?

Homily from the Maundy Thursday Liturgy.

As we now enter the Holy Triduum, the most important time in the Church’s liturgical year, we become more aware that so much of salvation history, the story of God and his people, finds its fulfilment in these 3 days. From the fall of Adam, the flood and Noah’s ark, to the covenant with Abraham, […]

Holy Triduum Services

In the current situation, with everyone staying at home and churches closed, all our Triduum services will be streamed live on the internet. Here are the plans (the location from which services are streamed may well change depending on technology): Maundy Thursday Liturgy: 7:30pm on Facebook live from Christ the King Church. Good Friday Liturgy: […]