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The Holy Family

Yesterday was the celebration of the Holy Family. As his homily Neil talked about how all of our vocations, to the married life, as parents and to the consecrated life are found in the Holy Family. He then read from an address of Pope Paul VI given at Nazareth. This had been in the Office […]

Reflections on the Holy Family

Friday 30th December, this year was the Feast of the Holy Family. The readings from the Office highlighted the important nature of the family: “The home of Nazareth is the school where we begin to understand the life of Jesus- the school of the Gospel” “…there is a lesson on family life. May Nazareth teach […]

Crib Service: Telling the Story.

Christmas Eve afternoon saw people gathering for the Ordinariate Crib Service. With lights low, Fr Neil began to re-tell the story of the first Christmas. Children (and some brave adults) had come dressed as different characters. Angels, big and small, Mary, Joseph (press-ganged at the last moment), shepherds, a star, innkeeper, Wise man and assorted […]