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The unmerciful servant, Willem Drost (1633–1659), 1655; Wallace Collection

Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors

As subjects of the Kingdom, we are bound to forgive our penitent brethren because our Master and Lord has told us to.

"Some consolation" (detail), Pierre van Hanselaere (Ghent, 1786–1862), 1825

The greatest gift is love

God is the source of love, we love because he loved us first. The love we try to show to those around us is God’s love. Let us ask him for the strength to show his love to all of those around us.

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Take up thy Cross, the Saviour said

The following of Christ is none other than the way of the Cross. There is no escaping this path if we wish to save our lives.

Assumption of Our Lady (detail), Guido Reni (1575–1642), 1617

His mercy is on those who fear him

What we need to do now is follow her example. Be faithful to her Son, seek to be as pure and sinless as she was, have the same humility as she had, and accept the plan which God has for us.

Jesus holds the sinking Peter on the sea; Hathi Digital Trust Library, Getty Library

Take heart: It is I

What we need to do is keep our eyes fixed on Christ. He is the one who is supporting us; he is the one whose strength is enough for us.

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Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?

Even if we fall and fall badly, our Lord always provides a way back for those willing to take it.