Under the current restrictions, churches will remain open for public worship even under national lockdown — although social distancing guidelines mean that capacity will be reduced.

Please pray for the good estate of the Church and public worship; a renewed reduction in infection; those who are sick and those who care for them; those who have suffered mentally and economically; those who have died.

Please contact the clergy for pastoral help, and practical help if you need it.

Public worship continues under national lockdown in England.

Our clergy offer ten public Masses per week and a streamed private Mass. Details of Ordinariate Masses this week are shown in the sidebar and the Calendar. Changes to the schedule at other churches are shown on their websites.

The capacity of churches is limited under the Government’s “Covid Secure” guidelines, and it is not possible to guarantee that everyone who wants to attend any particular Mass will be able to do so, although no-one has been turned away so far. The Sunday obligation remains suspended. If you are not in a position to receive the Blessed Sacrament, please consider making your spiritual communion by following an online Mass.

Public celebrations of Mass

All celebrations are socially-distanced and the capacity of churches is limited.

Sunday 9:30am St Joachim  NO 
11:30am CTK  NO 
4:00pm St Agnes  DW 

Monday 10:00am CTK  NO 
Tuesday 7:30am CTK  EF 
Wednesday 10:00am St Joachim  NO 
Thursday 7:00pm CTK  DW 
Friday 12 noon CTK  NO 
Saturday 11:00am CTK  NO 
Saturday (Vigil of Sunday) 5:00pm CTK  NO 

Online streamed celebrations, when possible

Monday 7:00pm Facebook  DW 

Online streamed celebrations from outside the Eastbourne Ordinariate Mission*

Sunday 9:15am Our Lady of Ransom  NO 
10:30am Warwick Street  DW 

*We are not responsible for the content of external sites

In normal times, the Ordinariate offers a number of Masses through the week, in different parts of Eastbourne and in different forms. More are available on weekday feast days. Full details for this week are shown in the sidebar and the Calendar.


Vigil Mass of Sunday  NO  Saturday 5:00pm Christ the King Church, Langney
Low Mass  EF  8:00am* Christ the King Church, Langney
Principal sung Mass  DW  4:00pm St Agnes Church


Said Mass†  DW  7:30pm Our Lady of Ransom Church


Low Mass  EF  7:30am Christ the King Church, Langney


Said Mass  DW  8:00pm Christ the King Church, Langney

* The 8am Low Mass is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of each month. Mass in the Extraordinary Form is available on most other Sundays either in Lewes or at Our Lady of Ransom.

† A Mass for the Dead is sung once a month, on the first free Monday (varies); each is noted in the Calendar. On feast-days, the Monday Mass may be sung.

Confessions are heard 9:00–10:00am on Saturdays at Christ the King and before the 4pm Mass on Sundays at St Agnes’ Church. Diocesan clergy also hear confessions 10:30–11:30am and 5:15–5:45pm on Saturdays at Our Lady of Ransom Church, and after the Saturday 4pm Mass at St Agnes’ Church. All the clergy will hear confessions by arrangement.

 DW  Divine Worship (the “Ordinariate Use”)
 EF  Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass)
 NO  Novus Ordo