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Where is your treasure?

Sunday 31 July 2022

If our life is hidden with Christ in God and we can own our true identity as children of God, then nothing in the world can take that away.

Raising of Jairus Daughter, Ilia Efimovich Repin (1844–1930), 1871; The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

“You shall not die, but live”

Sunday 27 June 2021

In this lost world of sin and death, to whom can we turn? Today’s gospel reading shows two examples that it is only Our Lord who can bring us any joy, meaning and hope.

A Flash mob wedding?

Tuesday 13 August 2013

A little while ago a video of a wedding went viral on the Internet. The vicar had organised a ‘flash mob’ to perform a dance at the end of the ceremony. The reaction was mixed but many of those were positive about it thought those who didn’t were old fashioned or lacking a sense of […]