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In the world but looking to Heaven

Sunday 16 May 2021

Fr Thomas’s homily on the Sunday after Ascension, 16 May “I do not pray that you should take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from the evil one.” The difficulties of the world, its pains and sorrows and even the evils which are around us, present some of the greatest […]

Being faced with great evil.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Just down from the Brandenburg Gate is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. During one morning of my recent stay in Berlin, I visited the information centre, underneath the memorial. The first room gives an overview of the Nazi policy to exterminate Europe’s Jews. The accounts are chilling not just because they contain […]

In the face of great evil.

Saturday 9 February 2013

A few weeks ago some of us joined the diocesan congregation for their patronal festival. Since then, I have been thinking a lot about St Agnes and about Fr Raglan’s homily. The story of St Agnes is an uncomfortable one. During the infamous persecution under Emperor Diocletian, many were tortured and executed for their faith. […]

Looking at the dark side: 2 Peter chapter 2.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Here is the second part of my Bible study on 2 Peter: The tone changes immediately as we read the beginning of chapter 2. The joy that Peter describes his encounter with the Living God is gone. The focus moves from the generosity of God and the wonder of the Christian life to dealing with […]