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Christ among the Doctors, Paolo Veronese (1528–1588), c.1560; Museo del Prado, Madrid

The Son of the Father

Our Lord speaks with profound authority, not through the loudness of his voice or the manner of his presentation, but because he speaks as Son of the Father — as God himself.

Let us each our hearts prepare

The call then is to make straight his paths, through what is often the barren wilderness of our hearts. It is a call to prepare with thanksgiving, works of charity, generosity and love and a willing heart to come before our Lord acknowledging our sins in an act of penitence.

God or the Golden Calf?

The Bible passage in the Office of Readings during Lent have been working through Exodus. It is a reminder to us of the link between the Passover and the rescue from Egypt and the Easter story. Today’s reading was the making of the Golden Calf. Many years ago, before Neil was ordained we went to […]