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The Messiah who brings freedom

The freedom which Moses gave to the people of Israel was simply the freedom from having a foreign ruler oppress them — the freedom which the Messiah brought was far more powerful.


One aspect of the First Holy Communion class I was leading on Sunday struck me as I was teaching: the slavery of sin. It brought back an element of a retreat I did a few years ago. During this week, I was preparing a Bible Study on Galatians that I was leading a few weeks […]

Freedom is a sweet word but…

In the 80s and 90s, if you were young and evangelical there was a chance you followed a band called “Fat and Frantic.” In my opinion, they were the best live band of the time. Jim and Silas had the knack of holding an audience in the palm of their hand and moved from the […]


My lecture day and a meeting yesterday both included reflection on spiritual freedom. One reflection time during the lecture day I thought about times- short and fleeting but with a long lasting effect- that were moments of real freedom. On my retreat, almost two years ago, I sat, unusually for me, still and in silence […]

Our One Desire

After writing my post on spiritual freedom, I mused on the end line of the “Principle and Foundation.” Gerard Hughes paraphrases it like this: “our one dominating desire and fundamental choice must be to live in love in his presence.” This desire comes from the centre of my being and is irresistible. And yet so […]

Spiritual Freedom

When I haven’t been musing about bishops, my thoughts have gone back to freedom. While reading some of my favourite blogs, I watched a report on the Pope’s words from St Peter’s on 29th April. A line in the commentary struck me. The Holy Father had said that the voice of God is always calling […]