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Spiritual Freedom

When I haven’t been musing about bishops, my thoughts have gone back to freedom. While reading some of my favourite blogs, I watched a report on the Pope’s words from St Peter’s on 29th April. A line in the commentary struck me. The Holy Father had said that the voice of God is always calling […]

Thinking about freedom.

A few years ago, Neil started reading stories out loud, on the walk to school. I now do most of these walks and have taken over the reading tradition. This week I began reading ‘Pippi Longstocking’ and several things struck me. Firstly, Pippi is fun and she is fun because she is slightly mad and […]

In which I ignore wise advice: Lourdes pilgrimage 1.

Today we returned to Eastbourne after a week in Lourdes. Neil was a chaplain with HCPT Group 154 and we tagged along. At the start of the week one of the adults on the pilgrimage said how, on her first trip, the chaplain had told her she would go home and want to tell everyone […]

O blessed night.

After the draining experience of Thursday and Friday , I hoped that at the Easter Vigil I would stumble on the joy of the Resurrection, in the way the women had done when they went to anoint Jesus’ body. Having not been to a vigil for a few years a flood of memories came back […]

Holy Saturday.

Last night I read this quote from one of my course books, about the move from contemplating the Passion to being with Jesus in the joy of the Resurrection: “Finally you must let him breathe his last and be gone. You must walk around in the hollowness of this loss. The Resurrection is no miraculous […]

Good Friday Evening Thoughts.

I feel drained after the Good Friday Liturgy. Despite an evening of laughter, I have returned home feeling tearful. Being so close to Doug’s beautiful funeral on Tuesday, the emotions feel very similar. There was a lot of laughter at the wake afterwards, only to be replaced by sadness later. This week I have been […]