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A light for the world

May the light of Christ shine out for us and may it shine out from us, so that others may see that light through us and through our lives, through our closeness to Christ, and that seeing it they too may be drawn to him.

Healing of the Blind Man, El Greco 1567

Light for the blind

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”

Salt and Light.

Here is a summary of Fr Neil’s homily for 9th February: Jesus calls those who follow him ‘salt and light.’ Salt preserves and purifies, light scatters darkness, brings understanding and reveals the way. Salt and light are the characteristics of all Christians. Therefore we should not hide or neglect to use those gifts or follow […]

Vocation as Reflection.

The Sunday readings for the last two weeks have spoken of vocation, Christ’s and ours. I was struck by the fact that our vocation isn’t really ‘ours’. Sometimes as individuals we are very aware of God’s grace calling us to a change or to fufill a particular role. Sometimes we can talk about our sense […]

Epiphany Reading: Reflections on Light.

I am still mulling over the physical nature of the Incarnation but noticed another theme coming through my Internet reading, that of Light. Two post on the Quantum Theology blog drew my attention to begin with; one within the Octave of Christmas that had the feel of and one a much more down to earth […]