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The Baptism of Christ, Pietro Perugino (1446–1523) and his workshop, c.1482 (detail)

Baptised into His mission

Sunday 9 January 2022

Our baptism is a baptism of repentance, but it is also one of fire. It is not just some past event consigned to the pages of the history of our lives but an ongoing present reality.

Come, bring the prisoner out of the prison-house

Monday 6 December 2021

We are reminded this Advent to ask, ‘What is holding me captive?’ or ‘What am I afraid to let go of that hinders me walking more closely to Christ?’

Anyone who has heard and learnt from the Father comes to Me

Monday 9 August 2021

True knowledge of God requires the engagement of our entire being, heart, soul and mind.

The wonderful mystery

Sunday 30 May 2021

As we contemplate and prayerfully meditate on the Trinity, our first and most important response should always be one of wonder, one of worship. Blessed be the Holy Trinity, and the undivided Unity: we will praise and glorify him.

God is love

Sunday 9 May 2021

God’s is a love that undoes death, reconciles heaven and earth, and gifts eternal life to those who willingly embrace it with penitent hearts.

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The Cross shines forth

Monday 22 March 2021

“God is love”, love which is willing to go to any extent, even the death of the Cross, to call us back from our sins. This is why the Cross is glorious.