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The Last Judgement (detail)

The virtuous will shine like the sun

Our Lord leaves us with more riddles in the parables of today’s gospel. These parables are parables of the kingdom of God; what it is like, and why it is like it is.

Parable of the Sower (September) [detail], Marten van Valckenborch (1535–1612), c.1585; Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

My word shall not return to me empty

Some seed fell on rich soil and it produced a hundred-, sixty- and thirty-fold. Where the word finds a receptive heart then the miraculous happens and the Lord of Life bestows his graces.

Of tiny seeds.

Here is a version of the story used with the children today. I used the Rubelev Icon of the Holy Trinity, an icon of the Crucifixion and some black mustard seeds. The first part can be omitted (particularly for use with younger children and just the parables used. Before we begin, let’s think about what […]