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’Twill guide thee to a better home

Sunday 4 September 2022

Christ has shown us the way. True divine love lies in the Way of the Cross. Divine wisdom reveals the paradox that to live we must die, to be first we must be last and servant of all. To obtain heaven we have to let go of all earthly possessions and glory.

Strait is the Gate, Jan Luyken (1649–1712), date unknown; published in the Bowyer Bible 1791–5

Strait is the gate and narrow is the way

Sunday 21 August 2022

Christ insists that we “strive to enter by the narrow door.” The way isn’t easy, as to follow Christ into eternal life is to walk the way of the cross, to deny ourselves and follow him.

The Cross shines forth

Monday 22 March 2021

“God is love”, love which is willing to go to any extent, even the death of the Cross, to call us back from our sins. This is why the Cross is glorious.

Lifted to life

Monday 15 March 2021

The Lord raised up upon the Cross is the One we are to look towards to find the healing for the sting of death.

Take up thy Cross, the Saviour said

Sunday 30 August 2020

The following of Christ is none other than the way of the Cross. There is no escaping this path if we wish to save our lives.

Dream of the Rood: Christ as hero.

Thursday 29 March 2018

Over the Christmas break, our eldest, home from university, was wrestling with a couple of essays. I was called on to proof read each draft and give feedback. One was an Old English task, looking at three texts, one of which was the poem “The Dream of the Rood.” The poem tells the story of […]