I have been reflecting, off and on about the social we had in September. Not every one could make it but there were some from the original group and some newer members. Some of us were given the opportunity to share a little of our journey. It was from this and other developments that Karlie wrote the prayer “Within the bounds of Grace”

I think for me that the welcoming of new members has been a form of confirmation about where we are as a group. As new people join, they come with their own unique journey and experience of God. Those who are currently new to the group have come from very different types of church from some of us who came were part of the original group. They come as unique people, however, and as we sat and listened to each other, there was a resonance. I found myself becoming quite excited that God had brought new people in, who not only bring new things but who already have an understanding of mission and of Eucharistic living, of the Koinonia of the Church in Acts.

It reminded me that God is bringing about the group that he has in mind. He brings in those he wants. We are also aware that our community now also includes those who are not official members of the Ordinariate. We have regular people who contribute in many different ways to the 4pm mass at St Agnes who we are getting to know better and better. It is very exciting.