With our groups underway, and our tiny steps to develop our corporate prayer life this Advent, I thought this might be a good time to mention some on-line resources for nurturing that which God is bringing to birth in us at this time of preparation.

The Loyola Press and Ignatian Spirituality websites has a whole range of resources for personal prayer: video reflections, articles, calendars. Something for everyone in true flexible Jesuit style!

At my one of my favourite blogs, Michelle Francl-Donnay has written a reflection that left me tingling!  And Antonia Lynn, one of my tutors from ISC has a a slightly different take that made me very aware of the sense of anticipation of Advent. Both these blogs are well worth keeping an eye on anytime of year!

If you like paper as well as computer screens you might want to dip into the Magnificat Advent supplement.

And as you look and read, on line and on paper, you might want to ask yourself “What is it that God is nurturing in me? What might get in the way of that process? What will help God bring that something to birth?”