Last Sunday was the celebration of the Baptism of Our Lord. Many of us wore something white to remember our own baptisms, the start of our Christian life and vocation.

In his homily Fr Neil began by noticing that in the reading from Isaiah, the prophet talks about the task that God’s servant is given. What is this task? “True Justice” is mentioned three times. What, then does this true justice look like? It is the cause of right and a light to the nations. It is the liberty of those who are blind, captive and who live in darkness.

This is a neat summary of Jesus’ vocation, which goes public and takes centre stage at his baptism. Jesus is baptised not because he needs it but because we do. It is the cause of right, right standing before God, and is the gateway for all people to enter eternal life and light, joy, peace and healing.

Jesus’ baptism opens heaven, allowing the descent of the Holy Spirit, the ‘life of God’, and we in our turn are to be called, by his grace, sons and daughters of God. We are to hear the voice from Heaven say “You are my Beloved on whom my favour rests.”

Jesus is our captain and it is under his banner that we stand. Our baptism marks the beginning of our own vocation to the cause of justice and right. The white we wear today reminds of the white garment we were wrapped in directly after our baptism. As we were clothed in white the priest proclaimed “ you have become a new creation, and have clothed yourself with Christ.” In this new dignity as adopted children of God we are called to further the Kingdom where the oppressed are set free and that those in darkness may see the light of Christ.