With our second prayer vigil done and dusted, now is the time to consider the responses. A prayer vigil can be done to deepen the prayer life of the community which is praying and indeed we found this to be the case last time. It also gives us an opportunity to prayerfully consider issues which arise as our mission group develops. This time we were asked to consider the past year and to pray about possible developments. We are a small community and when we have different options in front of us it is important to pray about which are for now and which might be tackled in the future. Our prayer vigil is not a formal discernment process, as a religious community might enter into, where there are specific stages, drawing to conclusion. The dynamic of our vigil is more about listening to the responses that individuals have, while in prayer and seeing where common threads arise or new insights are offered. It gives us a feel for the direction we might move in rather than decisive decisions. Some of what came out of the last vigil was surprising. We are still in the considering stage at the moment. On Sunday many of us will meet again to feedback. This allows reflection on time spent in prayer. Seeing a collated version of responses from the day and hearing verbal feedback on Sunday will give us, as a group, and Fr Neil, as our priest, the opportunity to draw together the strands.