As my Lenten journey for 2011 draws to an end and my reception into the Ordinariate begins I have been reflecting on some of the events since Ash Wednesday.

It seems like half a lifetime ago that we sat for the first time in St Agnes to have the first of many lessons of instruction on joining with the Roman Catholic Church! I have learnt so much of what it means to live your life in Christ-like community with the friends I am travelling with and have been given so much by them, not the least of which is an ‘irregular’ godparent! I have been overwhelmed by the loving reception I have received by all at St Agnes especially their joy at the baptism of myself and family. I am looking forward to sharing Mass with them fully this coming weekend.

Throughout Lent I have been reminded of the journey the Israelites made through the desert. Even now amongst Jewish communities, this is told as their story of how they were freed from slavery and how God led them. It’s not a bible ‘story’ or even an historical account of events, it is their story, as much now as it was then. So now as we look forward to Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Day itself, I find myself joining in with the untold millions who have taken this journey to the foot of the cross and beyond. As a participant have I done my share of jeering Jesus? Does my voice echo through the ages shouting Crucify, crucify? Have I done my share of denying him? Will I mourn as his disciples did? Have I the certain hope and knowledge that this is not the end but the beginning? YES!

So this Easter signifies more for me this year than any before, not only remembering what God has done to lead us from the wilderness, but a whole new beginning on my own journey of resurrection.