Tomorrow many people from the Ordinariate, especially those from the Kent and Sussex groups will be traveling on pilgrimage to Arundel. This is part of the Called to be…programme for this year.

This is the timetable for the day:

Confessions start at the Fitzalan Chapel. We will access the chapel via the High Street Lodge, which will be staffed from 10.30am.

We will make our way, singing the penitential psalm, through the Cathedral’s holy door, via St Mary’s Gate and the Priory Courtyard.

12 noon
Mass will be celebrated at the main Altar in the cathedral, following the pilgrim manual. Mass will be completed with devotions at the St Philip Howard Shrine.

We break for lunch, a look around Arundel town, and a castle gardens. You will be issued a badge that identifies you as an Ordinariate pilgrim and will get a half price entrance to the castle grounds (£4.50). To enter the Castle ground after lunch you will need to go via the main entrance as marked on the map.

We gather again for adoration and benediction to complete the day.

If you have difficulty finding your way around Fr Neil will be at the Cathedral from 10:30, with maps and copies of the timetable.