Harvest Appeal for Matthew 25 Mission

We are celebrating our Harvest Thanksgiving on Sunday 2 September with Mass at 4:00pm, and we invite offerings in thanksgiving for God’s goodness which we will pass on to the Matthew 25 Mission in Eastbourne.

Matthew 25 Mission are an Eastbourne based registered charity assisting people in need and offering practical help and support to anyone, regardless of race, religion or gender. They provide a listening ear and sympathetic pastoral care with information and advice as well as provision of food, clothing and basic necessities. Volunteers at the Matthew 25 Mission aim to support people trying to rebuild broken lives, especially those with life-threatening addiction, loneliness, bereavement, unemployment, homelessness, offending and more.

In addition to the basics as illustrated here which can be included in a food parcel, the Mission also provides healthy meals for those without the facilities to provide for themselves, and perishable donations are often used in this way. But food parcels don’t just contain food, and donations of basic toiletries are also welcome.

Readings at Mass

Deuteronomy 8:7–18
1 Timothy 6:6–11, 17–19
Luke 12:15–21