We are all pleased to have Graham and Sharon back from their travels. Every year,  they spend months  looking after guests at the Bella Vista. Every year, once the hectic holiday season is over, they take the opportunity to travel themselves. This year they managed to fit in visits to two very different Ordinariate groups. Before Christmas, while visiting family in Oz, the pop in on one of the groups that form part of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. Sharon writes “The small group meet at Upper Coomera, a region of the Gold Coast. Their priest, Fr Andrew Kinmont and several members of the Ordinariate group made us very welcome. They even provided tea, coffee and biscuits after Mass…..but outside on a picnic table, as it was so hot!” IMG_9239



Their next stop was less sunny. A New Year visit to more family in Wales allowed them to visit Ss Basil and Gwladys Church, Newport, home of the Ordinariate of South West Wales. Inside church

sanctuary The Ordinariate, with its unifying patrimony and varied expression of that heritage and faith, is spread far and wide. Sometimes it isn’t always easy to be in non-geographical dioceses. When our people do get to visit other Ordinariate communities it can give us a fresh perspective and remind us why we do what we do. Thank you Graham and Sharon for sharing this with us.