The Bishops of England and Wales have suspended all public gatherings for worship until further notice.

All first Holy Communion and Confirmation groups are also deferred until further notice.

The celebration of Mass will continue, but without a congregation. We have a page of video of our Masses both in church and elsewhere: they are streamed on YouTube and Facebook. Do subscribe on YouTube or follow on Facebook, and keep an eye out for updates. We’ll also publish homilies here.

Sunday, 11:30am

Divine Worship,
from Our Lady of Ransom Church


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 10:00am

Divine Worship,
from the presbytery


Wednesday, Friday, 10:00am
Saturday 5:00pm (Vigil Mass)

Novus Ordo,
from the presbytery

Christ the King

Until churches re-open, it won’t be possible to visit them. The Catholic Church has pressed for our churches to be opened for private prayer (1) (2) (3), and our kind host parishes are making preparations for that. We await news of what will be possible, and how public liturgies may eventually resume.

Volunteers are needed!

The diocese’s stipulations for how its churches may be opened are quite stringent. One requirement is for volunteers to be stewards, whose duties will include marshalling and ensuring hygiene is maintained. If you can help in the churches of Our Lady of Ransom parish, please contact the OLR Parish Office; or if you can help at Christ the King or St Joachim, please contact the CTK Parish Office. Needless to say, you must neither be suffering from, nor particularly susceptible to, the covid-19 coronavirus.

While things get back to normal, we have a page entitled Liturgy in a Time of Crisis. Please make use of the resources available on that page. In the sidebar here, there are links to Offices from the Liturgy of the Hours through the day: perhaps you can call a friend who is self-isolating and say the service together. WhatsApp will allow calls between up to eight people, and many people are now used to getting together with Zoom. There are other apps too; and there’s always a simple phone call.

In an emergency which requires the sacrament of anointing for the dying, a priest will be available whatever the circumstances. Other pastoral visits can take place outdoors. If you have a need for sacramental confession which cannot be satisfied by an Act of Perfect Contrition in the meantime, please make contact with a priest to work out together what’s possible.

At a time when most of the country is returning to something like normal, it is imperative to continue to think of the most vulnerable — who may now be less noticeable — and continue to have a eye for our neighbours.

The office phone and my mobile should be rung for those who need help and supplies. I am hoping that a few volunteers who are DBS checked will come forward and help in our endeavour. Those who wish to help but without DBS can still help with phone calls and dropping off gifted food parcels.

Above all, pray.

Fr Neil