<i>Divine Worship : Daily Office</i> (Commonwealth Edition), pub CTS 2021

The Catholic Truth Society has published the eagerly-awaited Divine Worship : Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition).

Divine Worship: Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition) contains Morning and Evening Prayer from the Anglican prayer book tradition, now approved for use in the Catholic Church through the Personal Ordinariates. The Commonwealth Edition is principally for use in the Ordinariates of Our Lady of Walsingham (UK) and Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Australia), although there are prayers which can be used in the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter (USA and Canada).

If you’re new to the Daily Office

Use Prime in the morning (ideally before 11am) and Compline in the evening (ideally just before retiring). Use the yellow ribbon: start Prime at p397 and simply follow through the Office to the end of page 402. For Compline start at p427 and follow through the Office to p434, and then use the Anthem to Our Lady for the season.

As you finish an Office, put the yellow ribbon ready at the start of the next one you will say.

Once you have become used to the simple Offices, you may feel ready for a little variety, which we’ve described on a dedicated page.

Further details