Trinity Sunday brings us to the beginning of a long period of Ordinary time. From Advent Sunday, through Christmas and Epiphany then to Lent, Easter and Pentecost there is plenty of feasting and fasting, the highs and lows of the liturgical year. Now we come to a time where, although there are high days and feasts we return to a rhythm that has less of the spiritual extremes.

Of course this block of Ordinary time starts with the feast of the Trinity. Our very first step in to a more normal time is to meditate on the mystery of the Trinity. It is a vast thought to take with us into this new season. If we spent every moment of Ordinary time between Trinity Sunday and Advent Sunday meditating only on the Trinity each year we would only ever have scratched the surface by the end of our lives. It is this mystery that surrounds us in all that we do.

The self-giving love at the heart of the Godhead is that which gives us life. In returning to the rhythm of Ordinary time and our normal lives, we are called to find God in the every day. All aspects of our lives have the potential to draw us closer to God who loves us. Of course, this search is far from ordinary. It will bring challenge, joy and sorrow just as the other liturgical seasons do. This time may well be a time to spend time in the presence of God so that we can become aware of this presence in all that we do. As in the Incarnation, God can in this way enter into the chaos, mess and imperfections of our lives as he desires to do.