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Two Pietas

I was very cold by the time our walking tour group arrived at the Neue Wache. It has had various purposes but now houses  a sculpture by artist Kathe Kollwitz called “Mother with her dead son.” A woman, wearing simple clothes cradles her son’s lifeless body. Her face is partly hidden, his obscured by her […]

Being faced with great evil.

Just down from the Brandenburg Gate is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. During one morning of my recent stay in Berlin, I visited the information centre, underneath the memorial. The first room gives an overview of the Nazi policy to exterminate Europe’s Jews. The accounts are chilling not just because they contain […]

The Father: Adult Lent group 4

Our fourth adult Lent group focused on the figure of the Father in the Prodigal Son. We began by looking carefully at Rembrandt’s painting, the focus for Henri Nouwen’s book. We noticed the difference in the two hands, showing the maternal and paternal nature of God’s love. There is a great love in the embrace […]

The Elder Son: Family Lent Group 3.

We began our third family session by talking about a scene from “The Lion King” when Mufasa confronts Scar. Scar is resentful because he has lost his place a heir to the throne with the birth of Simba. He will never be king now. Scar was like the elder son in the parable of the […]

The Elder Son: Adult Lent Group 3

Last Thursday many of us gathered for the third of our adult Lent group. The theme was the Elder son. He was the one who stayed at home and yet in many ways was as lost as the younger son. The first quotes, from pages 69 to 71 in the book, sparked off discussion about […]

The Prodigal Son: Returning home.

Here is the text of the story we used in the second Family Lent Group. Henri Nouwen, in the adults session had talked about the confusion the Son felt on his journey home, how difficult it was for him. We tried to get this sense over in the story. We told this in an active […]