This week, in Eastbourne,there is a week of guided prayer. From today, until Friday participants will pray for half an hour each day and meet a prayer guide, also for 30 minutes. Any form of prayer can be taught in such a week but we have chosen to focus on using Scripture in prayer. Three forms have been suggested. One is Lectio Divina or prayerful reading of a passage.This maybe common to many. There are different stages, to allow a deepening and increasing opens to the Holy Spirit.

The other forms of prayer for this week are both forms of imaginative prayer. The first is using imagination to engage with a story in scripture or psalm. The second is the Colloquy, a intimate conversation with God.

Participants were asked to begin by praying with either Psalm 23 or Isaiah 55: 1-3. If you were unable to do this week or don’t live in Eastbourne, you may want to have a go at these types of prayer over the next week or so.