We need no wings to go in search of God, but have only to find a place where we can be alone and look upon Him present within us.

S Teresa of Avila

What is a week of Guided Prayer?

It is an opportunity to explore closeness to God through prayer in the midst of our daily lives. It is a chance to experience what a retreat might be like, without the cost or time of a retreat away.

A prayer guide, many from outside the parish, will accompany each person through the week. These guides provide support and encouragement as we explore our relationship with God.

Who is this for?

The week is open to anyone from the communities that meet at St Agnes, whatever their experience or background. Maybe you have never been on a retreat and would like to have a taster. Or maybe you would value the structure of praying and meeting for a week, while being at home. The starting point is each person’s willingness to be open to God, wherever they happen to be in their faith journey.

What will happen?

The week will start at St Agnes at 6pm on Sunday 6 July, with an opening meeting. This will be the first time you meet your prayer guide.

From Monday 7 to Saturday 12 July you will commit yourself to half an hour’s prayer each day in a quiet place. You will be given a passage from the Bible and other materials to help you pray. Your quiet space maybe at home, in church, outside in an undisturbed spot. Each day you will also meet with your prayer guide. This will be the same person throughout the week. You can share as much or as little as you wish about your time of prayer in complete confidentiality.

On Saturday 12 July we will join together at the 5pm Vigil mass at St Agnes followed by a time to celebrate the week. This allows time to reflect on the week and look forward to our onward journey with God.

Where will I meet my prayer guide?

The meetings with the prayer guides will take place mainly at St Agnes, but also in rooms in homes and at the presbytery.

At the opening meeting your prayer guide will let you know where you will be meeting each day.

How can I find out more about the week?

If you would like to talk about the week, please speak to Fr Raglan or Julianne Chatfield. Either can be contacted via the office on 01323 723222 or e-mail julianne.chatfield@eastbourneordinariate.org.uk. You can also use our contact form to email Julianne if that’s easier.

Is there a charge for the week?

Prayer guides are all coming from outside Eastbourne and some travelling a fair distance so it is important that their expenses are met. For this reason we have set the charge for the week at £50, and we’ll be in touch to tell you how to make your payment. If the amount is likely to cause a problem, please speak to Fr Raglan.

If you would like to take part:

Fill in the Participant form below by Sunday 11 May. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you book and then find you can’t do it, please let Fr Raglan or Julianne know as soon as possible as someone else might be able to take your space.

Practical help:

If you would like to offer practical help (whether you want to participate or not) please fill in the Help part of the form below. We need:

  • Hospitality for prayer guides
  • Help with catering
  • Transport
Guided Prayer contact form
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