Show your support of the Group by buying Group products. A proportion of the price goes direct to Group funds.

We use CafePress to sell merchandise branded with the Group’s logo. A number of items are available in different colours. Click on the picture or the price to go to the CafePress store to purchase. The process we use to display items means that prices here are in US Dollars, but you can choose to pay in Sterling. Sterling prices are around 80% of the Dollar price ($30 is around £25, although currency fluctuations will affect the exact price).

Adult clothing

Hooded Sweatshirt

Available in Heather Grey (shown) and White


Hoodie (dark)

Available in Black (shown) and Navy Blue


Zip Hoodie

Zip Hoodie (dark)

Available in Black (shown) and Navy Blue


Women's Zip Hoodie

Available in Light Steel (shown) and Pale Pink


Sweatshirt (dark)

Available in Black and Navy Blue (shown)



Available in Ash Grey (shown) and White


Polo Shirt (white)

Children’s clothing

Kids' Hoodie

Available in Ash Grey


Kids' Dark T-Shirt

Available in Black (shown), Red, Navy and Royal Blue


Kids' Light T-Shirt

Available in White (shown) and Ash Grey


Other items

Tote Bag

logo-heart Tile Coaster