Here is a meditation/ story based on yesterday’s gospel that can be used at a family prayer time. In this story, there is a real intimacy to Jesus’ interaction with both the woman in Jairus. It helps to speak Jesus’ words softly and allow children time to hear them and imagine the reaction in the people he is speaking to. If you want to, this can be modified to make two meditations, one on each healing.

Close you eyes. You are in the middle of a village in Israel. Have a look around. What do you notice?

A little way away is a crowd of people. Jesus is in the middle, talking to people.

Look around again. What do you notice?

Do you see? There is a man running across to Jesus. He is the man who runs the synagogue and his name is Jairus.

Look around again. What do you notice?

Do you see? There is a woman standing right away from everyone else. She looks ill and worried. Looking to see if anyone is watching, she starts walking towards Jesus.

Jairus gets to where the people are and he is talking to Jesus. Let’s listen. “Please come.” He is saying. “My daughter is very, very ill.”

Jesus starts to leave with Jairus but the crowd come with him, jostling and pushing. Follow Jesus too.

Jesus has stopped. He raises his voice above the noise of the crowd. “Who touched me?” The disciples look confused. Everyone is pushing and bumping into Jesus. “Who touched me?”

Watch, the ill woman is coming closer. The crowd makes way for her Look at the faces of the villagers. Some are looking shocked. The woman is speaking “I touched you. I have been ill for so long, I thought if I could just touch your cloak I would be better.” Look at Jesus face. He comes very close to the woman. He says “ My daughter, your faith has healed you.” Look at Jesus and the woman looking at each other. What do you notice?

Someone is running across the Jairus. “You daughter is dead. Leave Jesus be. Nothing can be done.” Look at Jairus. He crumples and his face is full of grief. Listen. Jesus is speaking. He comes close to Jairus. “Do not be afraid. Have faith.”

Jesus walks with Jairus towards his house. Go with them.

As you get closer, you can hear waling and crying. Mourners are outside the house. Jesus raises his voice above the noise of the mourners. “Why are you making all this noise? She is not dead, only sleeping.” The wails turn to laughter. Jesus sends everyone way, apart from Jairus and his wife, the disciples and you. Go with Jesus into the house.

Look around.

Can you see the girl on the bed? She is cold and lifeless. Jesus walks across to her and takes her hand. He says “Little girl, wake up.” Slowly her eyes open and she sits up. “Find her some food.” Jesus says to her parents.
While they are spending time together, go with Jesus. Spend a little time talking to him about everything you have seen.

When you are ready, say goodbye and walk out of the village.

Open your eyes.