Listening to my Spanish CDs this weekend reminded me of something. The teacher introduced the informal way of talking by describing it as the “thou” form. Many years ago, when studying Medieval literature for my degree, I was taught that thou came to be used in informal or familiar circumstances. “Thou” form of pronouns were for those who were known to each other.

This form still gets used in the “Our Father”, the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. It is a corporate prayer and one that draws us, as a community, into the Trinity. We can call God “Our Father” through the Son.

With these thoughts in my head I listened to the Gospel in Mass, yesterday. Last week we heard how Jesus called the disciples together and then sent them out to the surrounding villages. This week they return and having done so Jesus calls them to rest with him.

God’s love is always outward-flowing and always drawing men and women to himself. The disciples are caught up in this outward movement, taking the gospel to those around them And they are also called back to the heart of Christ to rest with the God who loves them. In this process, the disciples are drawn into the life of the Trinity and they are known and loved. As they are caught up in this, they begin to know God, in Christ, the Son. If you like they begin to live in the awareness of the “thou” form. They are known and they are beginning to know God and in him, they find their rest.