Last weekend several of us headed up to Walsingham for the first Ordinariate Pligrimage. For some of us, it was returning to a place that is close to our hearts and the scene of many times of drawing close to God. For one of our party it was a first time experience.

We began in the Chapel of Reconcilliation with confession and then a mass that was packed full. I was particulalry struck by much of what the Ordinary said in his homily, which is worth a read.

After a picnic lunch and time to light candles in the Slipper Chapel, we walked the Holy Mile to the Anglican Shrine where we were welcomed by Bishop Lindsay Urwin OGS, the Shrine Administrator.

The Pilgrimage finished with sprinkling with water from the holy well.

As well as these events, I was very grateful for time spent with friends and for the conversations we had.