I love life’s little surprises. Each Advent we read Jostein Gaarder’s “The Christmas Mystery”. This year when we opened it out fell a piece of paper with this prayer scribbled on it.

Give us new eyes, Lord, to see our lives in the light of your love.
Too often our fear, neediness, anger, or hurt fog our vision.
Help us to see your providence in the glory of trees, lakes, and cloudless skies.
Help us to see your generosity in the many gifts we enjoy each day.
Help us to see your wisdom in the rhythm of the days, the weeks, the seasons, and the years.
Help us to see your image in the faces of everyone we meet and to know your goodness in the joy and love we feel for one another.
We ask you this because we know you love us. Amen.

I had found the prayer on the website of Loyola Press, which has a huge amount of resources for families. We had used the prayer all through last Advent. Different aspects have hit me each time we have prayed it this year. One time I was struck by finding God in cloudless skies, another time by the fear and anger that sometimes clouds my vision. So often in praying with our children deepens our faith.

Loyola Press has so many resources it is worth taking time to browse to see what is there: Family prayer life and the prayers that can be used with children; articles on family life. The list seems endless. This Advent you might want to look through. You might find something to surprise you!