This week members of the Eastbourne Ordinariate group meet to review their individual year. Last year, in January, we did this in preparation for the visit of our Ordinary, Mgr Keith Newton. So much came out of it. It enabled us as a group to get to know ourselves and each other better and out of this process came glimpses of the way forward.

We have decided that, being such a good thing to do, we will make time for it again  this year. For those coming to the meeting, you might want to spend time beforehand to refresh your memory about this year. Look through photographs, reread journals or diaries. You might want to do what one of our group has already done and scroll back through you facebook profile! Anything that might jog your memory about the year that has taken place.

You might want to look at resources we used last time or use this Examen by Debra Mooney, which we will be using as a group. All these things are designed to help you get a feel for where you have allowed God to draw you close to him and where you have resisted and pulled away.