Yesterday our intention at Mass is for the safe return of Sharon and Graham’s daughter, Heather. She has been working in an Orphanage in Malawi, with Project Trust since last summer. Having seen her amazing fundraising efforts the year before and followed her progress this year it is good to see her home safe and sound. There will, however be a big adjustment needed. Grahma and Sharon will have an inkling of this as they spent some time with her, earlier this year. Here is what Grahm wrote on his return to the UK:

Home, bitter-sweet home!

The external exhausting heat of the sun has been replaced by internal involuntary shivering. We’ve exchanged the comfort of our mosquito net for the protection of a duvet.

The incessant nocturnal tinnitus of countless free-roaming grasshoppers has been exchanged for the deafening silence of our uninhibited tarmac dominion.
The joyful sound of abundant playful children is superseded by the busy noise of relentless speeding traffic. Bustling dusty markets offering us the unappealing fruits of individual survival are now replaced with clinically organised supermarkets tempting us with the unneeded products of corporate opulence. Undrinkable water from a remote and rusty hand-pump is once again glistening and free-flowing from chrome-plated kitchen taps. Our well-stocked cupboards will soon help us forget their imminent maize famine.

Unbounded contentedness there is swamped by unfounded wantonness here. Their thankful certainty of a loving God replaced by our hopeful delusions of a carefree self-sufficiency.

Good to be back? Can’t wait to go back!

Welcome back Hev!