This Saturday is a big day for our group for it is when Deacon Philip is ordained to the sacred priesthood.

It is also an important and thought-provoking day for the Church. The Holy Father has called on all Christians to join him in prayers for Syria. Between 7pm and midnight (Rome time) prayers will be said in St Peter’s Square and across the globe.  His address about the vigil can be read here.

There is plenty on the Internet to inform our prayers. Aid to the Church in Need has plenty of information and if you need inspiration, I would like to recommend this article.

For our group Saturday is going to be a time of gratitude and celebration. For the Church a time to pray. There is plenty to prepare both for the ordination and the celebration afterwards. However,  in the morning, in our prayers before mass or after we get home we might spare some time to pray for peace. And if you are someone who won’t be able to join us at St Agnes and you spend you evening joining the vigil in St Peter’s Square maybe you could spare a prayer of thanksgiving for the Ordination of Philip Penfold.