As with our Adults’ group, our families concentrated on Christ, the King of God’s Kingdom in their second session. We thought for a little about what Jesus is like or what we knew about him as a person. Then we asked the children to write their ideas on post it notes and place on the prayer focus at the front. There were lots of “loving”, “kind” and “gentle” words and also quite a few “awesome,” “Supreme”, and “superhero” words and one “playful.”

We then heard some stories about Jesus, or the children read them. Some were taken from Bob Hartman’s wonderful “Storyteller Bible.” Then we asked the children what these stories had made them think or what they had leant about Jesus. So we added to our list words and phrases such as: he was humble; he remembered the bigger picture; mercy; a man of prayer; challenger; served; humble; forgiver.

As we had been sitting, listening and thinking for a long time we all stood up and sung “The Bungalow Song”, where a person comes up with a dance that is copied by the rest. When we had finished we thought about the qualities we had seen in Jesus and thought about how, when we see some quality in Jesus we are called to be like that too. Just as we had ‘copied ‘ each other’s dances, we have to watch Jesus and then be like him.

To sum this us, we listened to this meditation:

What would the world be like if we all were like Jesus? The King is important not just because a kingdom needs a king to be a kingdom but because Jesus is the Kingdom. To be in it we need to follow him and in following we are to become like him.

Being like Christ is what we are called to be. This is what we become. But we don’t do this by ourselves. The Kingdom of God is full of people: Saints, martyrs, disciples, priests, children adults. We have to live like Christ together. It is as a family that we can become more like him.