The meeting was attended by about 18 people, almost all from the parish whose hall we used and of varying levels of commitment to the Ordinariate. Some are definitely engaging with the Roman Catholic Church with a view to joining; some are certainly thinking about it; some would like to but perceive difficulties in their personal circumstances; some wouldn’t consider it but wanted to know more about what friends are doing.

We started by contemplating change and the feelings and emotions which that engenders — uncertainty, excitement, worry over the effect on others and the like; and then went on to note down and address a number of specific concerns or questions, which ranged from “What is an ordinariate?” to “Can we use familiar music?” [Yes] “What’s the timetable?” [Ash Wednesday to Pentecost] “Who can join?” [Any Anglican, but there is freedom to attend any Catholic service] “What does ‘reception’ mean?” [Re-confirmation to satisfy the magisterium that it’s been done] “What about those who are remarried?” [Every case considered individually, and we have been assured as charitably as possible]; and more.

It was a positive and productive meeting, lasting for over 90 minutes.

There isn’t a great deal more which can be done until local RC clergy know more about what is required and/or we are able to determine whether there is a local Anglican clergyman who is definitely acceptable for the Roman priesthood. Hopefully one or both of those conditions will be satisfied within the next fortnight or so.

We do intend to put as much detail as is relevant to Eastbourne and East Sussex on the website; please keep an eye on it, as obviously you are! But since the core of the group is only a small proportion of a particular congregation — and we are concerned not to queer the pitch of that congregation’s continuing ministry — we can’t proceed with the gusto of other groups. However we are still committed to making a success of (what is currently) a small venture!

We’re always ready to receive expressions of interest and support: please use the Contact form.