We encounter the preaching of the Apostle Peter following his incredible encounter with the Risen Lord, the breathing of Jesus upon them with the words “Receive the Holy Spirit” and the manifestation of that Holy Spirit at Pentecost. This series of events transform the fearful disciples into Apostles, the denying Peter into the Rock on which the Church is built. As Peter preached, so the Church is called to preach the same Gospel, echoing down the centuries. The good news that God in Christ Jesus has overcome sin and death and opened the gates to Paradise. The way to that place of paradise in via the leading of the Good Shepherd through the Valley of the shadow of death as Psalm 23 says. The Valley of the Shadow of death is none other than the way of the cross- the gate to the new pastures of Paradise.

This way of conversion by repentance is no stroll in the park but often a narrow and difficult path. It comes with trials and often suffering as we seek to throw off the old Adam by dying to self and living to God. It is our own journey of the cross. The Gospel of Christ then is something that we not only in apostolic obedience, need to preach to what has become this, our own pervese generation. But it of course is a gospel by which we ourselves need to live our lives in a process of continual conversion of heart.

Then we will be able to fulfil our baptismal vocation by backing up what we preach by what we seek to do and how we seek to live our lives. Preaching in word and deed to the glory of Christ.