Here is one of the meditations for adults using the Lent materials. You may want to read the reflection on temptation from week 1 of ‘Communion with Christ’

Sit so you are comfortable and alert. Take time to come to stillness. Take some deep breaths and as you do so become aware that God is with you always.

This is an extract from the reflection on temptation.

“Sin isn’t just self-indulgence. It is the preferring of falsehood to truth, and of convenience to a greater, but more costly, good. Seen in this light, ‘temptation’ can refer to the act of deciding what sort of person we wish to be: Will we be true to our calling? Will we be the people we are called to be? Will we turn ourselves wholly to God?”

Take time to think about this extract then read the following questions. Notice what thoughts, feelings and reactions you have going on inside you, even if it is ‘I don’t know.”

What sort of person do I wish to be?

What do I need to let go, what versions of myself or possibilities do I need to let go of in order for God to make me who I truly am?

Take time to sift through all that has come up. Talk to God about what you have noticed or any questions you have.

A reading from St Ignatius of Loyola:

There are very few people
who realise what God would make of them
if they abandoned themselves into his hands,
and let themselves be formed by his grace.