Here is the second guided mediation to use with children on the Holy Spirit, inspiration taken this time from St Basil the Great:

Close your eyes.

You are standing in a dark place. There is no light to see by. What does it feel like to be in the dark?

As you stand there someone lights a candle. Then they light another. Slowly candles and lamps are lit around you. Each one shows something new. You are standing in a beautiful room. As each candle or lamp is lit, look at what it reveals.

(Give a enough time of silence for children to imagine the room slowly being revealed.)

What precious things did you find. You can choose one thing to look at closely. What is it? How big is it? What is it made of?


For Younger children: The Holy Spirit is like light. Without light we can see nothing. The Spirit reveals the beauty of God to us. Holy Spirit shows us different aspects of God- each new and fascinating.

For Older Children: St Basil the Great wrote “The Spirit is the source of holiness, a spiritual light, and he offers his own light to every mind to help it in its search for truth. By nature the Spirit is beyond the reach of our mind, but we can know him by his goodness.”

In the room someone open the curtains and early morning summer sunshine pours in. It shines through the windows and through a glass bottle on a table. It shines through the glass covers of the lanterns and on the candle holders. Look around and the room and see how the sunshine changes everything in it..

For younger children: The Holy Spirit is like the sunshine. Always the same. Always everywhere. It changes everything bright or transparent that it touches so that each object glows with light.

For Older Children: St Basil the Great wrote “As clear, transparent substances become very bright when sunlight falls on them and shine with a new radiance, so also souls in whom the Spirit shines become spiritual themselves and a source of grace for others.

Sit and enjoy the sunshine and the room for a little longer.

When you are ready open your eyes.